Beautiful Romantic Mountain scene :D!

Hey Guys!

Today, I made this amazing Digital Painting – Scene of a couple, Standing on a mountain ⛰ made by…. Drum-Roll Please…. 🥁…Reeva!!!!!!!!!

So, I was scrolling on YouTube for nice Romantic painting to draw and again! I saw “Art with Flo” ‘s YouTube tutorial for this! I made it and this was born! And yes, I did use her brushes for this! ^u^

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(QOTD: What was your reaction to this? Also, what’s the most attractive part?

Comment what I should do next!

That’s it for today!

Bye guys!

See ya late



Hey guys!
This is me Reeva!

I was super bored and kept annoying mom Mayuri Ruparel asking her what to do. She gave me a prompt about a beach. I immediately thought of a lighthouse! 😜

So I looked it up…. 👀

and well I found my favorite YouTuber’s tutorial and the results are in front of you!


Me (myself) for making it (-_-)
@procreate app for the program :D
‘’Art with Flo’’ on YouTube. for the tutorial
That’s it..

Made with Apple’s iPad and Apple Pencil ✏️

So yeah! I got the light effect idea by a few other people (Google) and well I decided to do it tho, I realized it was not useful in day and my painting was about day… so ignore that xD

So yeah
That’s all!!
Bye guys!



Hello Everyone!

I’m back!

Long time no traditional painting eh?

Have been doing a lot of digital lately… Missing traditional since the last week! And then I finally had the courage after exams to do some!

I started sketching yesterday, wasn’t happy with it so I left it.

Then Today, I thought that I’ll fix it a little! And this was made!

Loved the results!

I have a Question for you about this that I want you to tell me in the comments; QUESTION: What’s the most attractive thing in this pic? The eyes, hair, etc.


Me for making, Mom for pushing, Camlin for the crayons and colored pencils and sketch-pens

That’s it :D

Do give this article lot’s of Claps and support me!

Bye guys!
That’s all for now!



Hey Guys!

Welcome to my Medium Account! Thanks for following! ;) I will start by telling a few tidbits about myself.

My name’s Reeva. I live in India. I am 9 years old. My birthday is on April 7th 2012. I am a student. Favorite subject is Math, English, Science and most importantly… DRAWING and CODING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I try to help my parents in our Business in Designing and stuff! I am good in Digital and Traditional Painting. I love traveling. I Absolutely LOVE Reading and writing!

Scratch coding web:


Insta: Reeva Ruparel

Facebook Page: @Seven Rainbows by Reeva Ruparel

So Yeah!

Have a good day Guys!

Written in my house OwO.

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